From the sails of the Amerigo Vespucci to the garments worn by crews on the most modern America’s Cup Class yachts. In short, this is the story of a company founded in Genoa in 1926 from the historic knowledge handed down by a chief sailmaker.

Today, after many years in operation and many transformations, Veleria San Giorgio is the best-known Italian company in the field of life jacket design and production.

With its experience, Veleria San Giorgio has made its mark on the history of Italian yachting, as a protagonist in the various stages of a market in continuous development and always guaranteeing innovation and quality for its clientèle. Decade after decade, hundreds of cruise ships and thousands of recreational boats plying the waters around the world have chosen Veleria San Giorgio products.

Moreover, amongst the most significant experiences in the sporting field are those with America’s Cup crews and the exclusive collaboration with FIV, the Italian Sailing Federation, as the official supplier of safety materials for the Olympic sailing team.

  • FROM 1926–1940

    When the sea was exploration and toil

    Founded in 1926 in the Darsena (dockyard) of the Port of Genoa, the company managed to develop quickly thanks to its strategic location to become an official supplier to the Royal Navy and major shipping companies. 

  • 1940s–1960s

    Sailing (also) just for fun

    With the end of the Second World War and the gradual disappearance of sailing ships, the production of flags was introduced, which still represents our history today with a product of the highest quality. 

    In the 1950s, recreational boating began with the early ventures around Italy and France, expanding worldwide in the years to follow as a true tourism and leisure industry.

    The shipyards, which up to this point had only built fishing and work boats, now started to cater to the demands of private individuals for pure pleasure.

    At VSG, production of the first life jackets began.

  • 1960s–1980s

    After cars for the masses ... it’s time for boats

    In 1963, the first edition of the Genoa International Boat Show was a decisive step for the development of the entire sector.

    VSG was present with its entire product range.

  • 1980s–2000s

    New headquarters in Casarza Ligure

    Between the 1980s and the beginning of the new millennium, VSG designed and created many new products, even exploring new sectors. It was during this period that exclusive contracts were signed for the World Cup flags. Moreover, in 1992, multi-freediving-champion Enzo Maiorca signed diving watches on behalf of VSG to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America.

    These years also saw the first Quality System certification in Italy, issued by the Italian Naval Register in accordance with the new ISO 9001 standards, along with the production of the first life jackets with CE marking. 

    To crown the successes of the last twenty years came the 1997 inauguration of a new, modern factory in Casarza Ligure, extending across an area of 7,000 metres, 4,000 of which are indoors.

  • The 2000s–2020s

    Exclusive licences for brands

    Since the beginning of the new millennium, VSG has been awarded numerous exclusive licences, including:

    • The “1530” of the Port Authority Coast Guard for high-tech products;
    • Simpson®, Pimpa® and Hello Kitty® licences to reach even the youngest children;
    • FIV – the Italian Sailing Federation, Musto®, North Sails® and Montura®, for the most experienced sailors and yachters.

  • 1920s to today and tomorrow

    The Blue Planet

    The sea covers about 70% of the surface of our planet. It is a place of work, exploration, discovery and fun. For all these reasons, Veleria San Giorgio products ensure that those wanting to experience the water can do so with the utmost safety.

FROM 1926–1940
The 2000s–2020s
1920s to today and tomorrow