How do you reactivate a jacket after use?


PLEASE NOTE: Only by sending the device and its technical characteristics to an Authorised VSG Inspection Station can the most correct restoration procedure be guaranteed.

The jacket must be put away only once the device is perfectly dry.

Before reactivation, the device must be deflated by inserting the protective cap into the oral inflation tube in an upside-down position, applying pressure to the chamber to release all the air. If necessary, roll up the chamber to allow the air to escape. Repeat the operation at least once to ensure that all the air has escaped then close the tube with the cap.

Rinse the device and follow the directions for CARE, MAINTENANCE AND INSPECTION. If the device has been used without automatic activation, remove the canister and the cap with the water-soluble cartridge before cleaning.

Reactivation for devices having an automatic activator with water-soluble system:

Remove the canister by unscrewing in an anti-clockwise direction

1) Ensure that the lever is in the home position.

2) Apply a new protective clip if present on the supplied activator.

3) Unscrew and remove the cap with the water-soluble cartridge.

4) Replace the cartridge, screwing it in tightly. Check that the cartridge safety light is green.

5) Ensure that the firing pin does not protrude into the canister housing.

6) Replace the canister, checking that it is well sealed, screwing it fully clockwise. If present on the supplied activator, check that the safety light F is green.

Reactivation for devices with a manual activator:

Proceed as above, skipping Steps 4 and 5.

Reactivation for devices with a HAMMAR hydrostatic activator:

Reactivation for devices with a HAMMAR hydrostatic activator:

Follow the instructions in the HAMMAR manual enclosed with the device. If the manual has been lost, the instructions can be found through the VSG offices or by visiting


After completely deflating the chamber (as per the previous paragraph) and making sure that the device is perfectly dry, lay the chamber on a clean, smooth surface and fold it into the case.

Take care never to roll the chamber inside the case but to proceed by folding it up on itself. During the process, ensure that activation knob A is positioned towards the outside of the case. Close the case by securing the Velcro edges or closing the zip, if present.

PLEASE NOTE: To open and close the zip, if present on the case, never proceed as with a normal zip – after completely separating the two parts of the zip, starting from the highlighted easy-open point, return the slider to the starting point and close it again.